Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification

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The W9-Form
Information in English

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Refers to the US Department of the Treasury's Internal Revenue Service

Document that a company or an individual would use to collect a TIN (Taxpayer ID Number), Social Security Number etc. Don't send it in to the IRS but do return it to the person who gave it to you.

When a person gets a W-9 Form from another, the form should be filled out and presented back to the person asking for the information so that they can use the info for their tax filing.

Usually but not always a person is working in a freelance capacity and he or she is asked to fill out the W-9 Form and so does.

The form asks for a person's name and address and TIN and or Social Security Number. You also have to date the form and that is about it usually. Sometimes, as you can see on the instructions sheet there is more information required.

It gets a bit more complicated when you can see that there is a place to check a box if you are representing an exempt employee, a trust or estate, an individual, a corporation or a partnership. You also have to indicate the specific type of classification of your company where or if it applies.

For most people, you do the simple fill out, as described at the top of this page.